LogAnalyzer Online-Documentation

idea and conception: Ulf-Dietrich Reips
programming: Stefan Stieger

online at:


Before you start


Scientific LogAnalyzer's task is to data mine and analyze log files, for example those produced by web servers. Scientific LogAnalyzer filters out the information contained in the files and organizing this information for easy import into standard software like SPSS, Excel, etc. (via tab-delimited file).

Universally useful, with special features created to meet the needs of behavioural scientists, especially experimental psychologists and Internet scientists: While Scientific LogAnalyzer is useful for the analysis of any type of log file, it is the only tool of its kind with features geared to behavioural scientists, such as handling of factorial designs, response time analysis, and dropout analysis.

Speed: The option of calculating the tab-delimited file only serves the purpose of speedy analysis – with this option turned on a typical log file analysis will take only seconds.

No need to install anything: Through the upload of the log file and the download of the analyzed output file, Scientific LogAnalyzer can be used from any location in the universe, as long as it is connected to the Internet.

Before you start

Important! If sensitive information is involved, please save the log file for the upload in a secure directory (https access).

The server log files must have the correct line feeds (DOS format: \n).

Pre-filtering: Because server log files can get very large, it is necessary to prepare the log files before commencing with the upload by extracting the relevant log file lines (e.g. all log file lines with a given experiment number or other identifying string). For example, this can be done with the command "copy lines containing..." in the program BBEdit or a similar feature in WinEdit. Consider further reducing the size of the log file by cutting lines that are unnecessary for your analysis, for example those containing image extensions (.gif, .jpg, ..)

Important! All input is case sensitive!

Important! The characters "<" and ">" may not be used in the Search Arguments. These are filtered out by Scientific LogAnalyzer in order to subdue the interpretation of any HTML codes contained in the log file.

- JavaScript must be enabled in the web-browser
- Popup windows must be enabled (important for the presentation of help texts)

Important! Only file names with the following extensions will be presented for standard analysis (we will add other extensions upon request):

Important! Before commencing with the analysis, please make sure that the log file is sorted according to time and date, starting with the oldest.

Important! Avoid breaking off the process while doing the analysis (e.g. by use of the back-button), as this may cause errors in the output file (because, on the server, the process runs on. If a new process is started, the output file will contain two processes, meaning: redundant data).